Last sunset of 2021

Taking in the last sunset of 2021 I thought of the ol’ cliché, “out with the old, in with the new”. While 2021 seemed to carryover much of 2020’s “old”, it was a great season nonetheless in part to our hardworking, detail oriented staff.  A resounding shout out goes to the guides, kitchen staff, lodge staff, bird processing crew and many others who work tirelessly to ensure our guests have the best experience possible.  We are extremely grateful for our guests in believing in us as we navigate the obvious as well as the unforeseen and our 90% repeat booking echoes their sentiment.

Now with the “new”!  The winter months are for planning and prep.  We will be continuing our habitat development expansion as that has been status quo for decades.  However this year we are expanding our lodging facilities by building a new cabin in the northern Black Hills of western South Dakota.  Over the years we’ve had many guests inquire about adding a few days on either side of their hunting reservation to explore our beloved state.  It was only fitting to offer a lodging opportunity in one of our personal favorite regions between Spearfish and Deadwood.  There is a lot of history, geography and exploring to do.  The Rapid City airport is a 3 hour drive to TWL and less than an hour from the cabin.  For those of you that have enjoyed the upland bird hunts with us on the plains will soon realize not everything is flat in South Dakota!

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