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What to Bring Checklist:

  1. Waterproof hunting jacket.
    Be prepared to dress in layers. Temperatures vary from 10 to 85 degrees.
  2. Waterproof hunting boots.
    Be sure to have them broken in to avoid blisters.
  3. Waterproof pants and canvas front pants.
  4. Waterproof gloves/shooting gloves.
  5. Protective eyewear and ear plugs.
    Available at Tumbleweed Outfitter shop
  6. Blaze orange shooting shirt, vest, shell pouch, and cap.
    Available at Tumbleweed Outfitter shop
  7. Shotgun.
    Shotgun gauges smaller than 20 gauge are discouraged and not allowed when targeting upland birds. We have a numerous selection of 12 and 20 gauge Beretta Silver Pigeons, A300, and A400 automatics. Subject to availability.
  8. Dog Owners.
    Proof of your dog’s current health records is required prior to arrival.
  9. Casual clothing.
    Bring lounge clothing and bathing suit for salt water Jacuzzi and steam room.
    We provide terry cloth robes.
  10. Hunter Safety Card and SSN required for youth 12-15 years of age.

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