March Madness is here!

March Madness is here!  Not just in the basketball sense, but in the world of farming and upland lodge operations too.  Before the madness begins Angie and I made a point to soak up some beautiful weather with a sun-filled week in the Florida Keys; more specifically Sunset Key which is part of the 5-star Opal Collection.  75–80-degree temperatures, outstanding meals, amenities, and a perfect time to regenerate before the said-madness begins.

In the farming world March is the time for one last look at equipment prep, ensuring all seed, fertilizer, and crop protection products are on hand, and maintaining a “standby” mode when mother nature gives us the green flag to begin field work.  In the lodge operations division, it’s wrapping up confirmed reservations and ensuring shells, clay pigeons, and a multitude of other necessary tangibles are either received or on order.  This year we’re expanding our habitat by planting more than 3000 trees across 10 acres; adding to an already busy crop planting schedule.

We realize you’re taking a few days off your busy schedules when you come out and enjoy a South Dakota upland bird hunting experience with us; deserving a much-needed break from your daily mayhem.  For those of you who have previously stayed with us, you have enjoyed a relaxing experience after the hunt in our well-appointed Infinity genesis max massage chair.  In 2023 the line will be shorter as we’ve added a second massage chair.  Leave the madness at home and as always; enjoy your stay with us at TWL!

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